Kickstarter Launch Aug. 8

With the help of some friends, bandmates, and supporters, we are launching "Into the Weeds." Into the Weeds is a band, a podcast, and a series of short documentary style films about local musicians in different parts of America. We are going to book a music tour which will coincide with shooting in different locations. We are going to record podcasts with musicians we meet along the way, and the whole tour will culminate with a live online concert called "From the Thick."

Our Kickstarter campaign is seeking to raise $10,000. That will buy the camera equipment we need, some additional audio equipment, and help fund the tour itself. If we reach our stretch goal of $22,000 we will also release a limited edition vinyl record to all donors who contributed more than $50.

The first series of unfunded films is in production now, along with the first several episodes of the "Into the Weeds" podcast. The films and the podcasts will be released August 1, and the Kickstarter will launch a week later on August 8. We are in the process of finding artists around the country who want to participate in our project, and soon we will start announcing tour dates.

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